Absolute Magic 

​​What You Can Expect?

Magic Challenges the Mind and Comedy Lightens the Heart.

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A ball is placed in a child's hand and one in the magicians hand. With a few magic words they open their hands and the child has two  and the magician has none.

Magic happens right in your hand, which is especially powerful for children. They love to help the magician and their reactions are priceless. The birthday child is the star of the show which makes their special day  a memorable one.
A rope is cut several times and it seems impossible to restore it to its original condition, yet that is exactly what happens.

An audience volunteer holds a lemon. Next a borrowed bill is signed by a member of the audience. The bill is folded and placed in the magicians hand and then it disappears without a trace. When the lemon is cut open the signed bill is inside.

These are a few examples of what happens in a show which is filled with Mystery, Magic and Comedy.